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Problem solving in suicidal individuals Nichol, Diane Sue


The present study investigated two aspects of suicide which, to date, had received little attention. These are problem-solving behavior and perception. In terms of problem-solving behavior, this study established (l) that suicidal patients show a lesser sense of concern about self-improvement and religion than non-suicidal patients; (2) that suicidal patients are significantly more passive and less competitive in their mode of response to problems than non-suicidal patients; and (3) that suicidal individuals tend to become rigid more quickly in stressful problem-solving situations than non-suicidal individuals. In the area of perception, it was established that suicidal patients are significantly more field-dependent than non-suicidal patients. In addition, the results of investigating these two aspects of suicidal behavior contributed to a better understanding of the personality make-up of suicidal individuals.

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