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The first campaigns in Spain Kerr, Mary Elizabeth


This thesis considers one theatre of the Second Punic War for a limited number of years. The period of the Spanish theatre extends from the beginning of Hannibal's career in 221 B.C. until the deaths of Gnaeus and Publius Scipio in 211 B.C. The following chronology is adopted: 237 - Hamilcar begins the reconquest of Spain. 231 - A Roman embassy visits Hamilcar; an agreement is reached between Saguntum and Rome. 229 - Hamilcar dies; Hasdrubal acclaimed commander. 226 - The Ebro treaty. 222/221- Hasdrubal murdered; Hannibal new leader in Spain. 220 - Roman political intervention at Saguntum. 219 - Hannibal attacks and captures Saguntum. 218 - War declared between Rome and Carthage. 218 - Hannibal marches overland from New Carthage to northern Italy. Publius to Spain to meet Hannibal; turns back at Rhone River; sends Gnaeus and troops to Spain. 217 - Romans victorious at sea off mouth of Ebro. Publius’ command in Spain extended; Romans obtain hostages from Saguntum. 216 - Hasdrubal occupied in south; minor Roman advances south of Ebro. 215 - Siege of Ibera. 214 - Romans recover Saguntum. 213-211- Gradual Roman advance into Carthaginian territory. 211 - Death of Scipios; retreat of Romans to Ebro River.

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