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A linguistic questionnaire for British Columbia : a plan for a postal survey of dialectal variation in B.C., with an account of recent research Polson, James


The object of this study is to provide a postal questionnaire that may be used for investigating dialectal variation in the province of British Columbia. Such a questionnaire is necessary to provide the groundwork for more intensive and systematic investigation at a later date. The questionnaire will test items for a future questionnaire, establish the dialectal status of B.C. English, and locate the dialectal regions of B.C. The questionnaire draws heavily on work sheets and check lists used in the United States, but includes much material characteristic of Canadian speech, since it is felt that for historical reasons the separateness of the Canadian experience must be stressed. An account of the sources of the items and the criteria for selection are presented along with a methodology for choosing informants and communities, administering the questionnaire, and processing the results. Each question is accompanied by a commentary on the feature to be investigated, giving information on its occurrence in B.C., Canada, or the United States. The data presented on B.C.usage is derived chiefly from research recently carried out by the author.

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