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A study of the albumen quality of shell eggs Eissinger, Ronald Carl


Eggs from twelve strains of layers in the Ninth British Columbia Random Sample Egg Laying Test were examined over an eight month period to determine rate of decline of interior egg quality under three varying temperature conditions for one and two week periods. Differences among strains in the initial egg quality by period as well as the quality decline under different storage conditions were examined. Consideration was also given to the implications these results may have on sample size determinations in a quality control program or interior egg quality assessment investigations. Highly significant differences were found among strains and treatments in average Haugh unit score for each of the eight periods. Differences were also found in rate of decline of interior egg quality among strains and treatments for most periods. Sample size estimates calculated from the data obtained along with the variations found among strains, treatments and periods suggest that our present sampling methods for quality control programs and interior egg quality assessment studies may need to be re-valuated.

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