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M. Gorki's and I. Bunin's view of the Russian intellectual in the "The Life of Klim Samgin" and "The Life of Arsenev." Szackovics, Paul


In my thesis I will discuss two main literary works which reveal the development of the Russian intellectual: "The Life of Klim Samgin," by M. Gorki, and "The Life of Arsenev," by I. Bunin. My aim is to provide an analysis of the main characters in each work, and to criticize the artistic devices used by the authors. I will briefly mention several other well known Russian authors who were writing at the end of the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth, in order to place the main works under discussion in their historical context. In chapter one, some aspects of the development of the Russian intelligentsia in literature will be discussed, by presenting a brief survey of topically selected works of A. Chekhov, V. Korolenko, and V. Veresaev. The second chapter will be devoted to the analysis of "The Life of Klim Samgin." The third chapter will present a detailed analysis of "The Life of Arsenev." The fourth chapter will offer a comparative study of the artistic devices utilized in the two works. In conclusion, I will show the literary fate of both works. In one case it led to the proclamation of Gorki as the "Father of Socialist Realism," in the other it established the artistic value of Bunin in world literature.

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