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Antecedent conditions to parental monitoring of child internet use Chow, Clifton


Parental occupational conditions were explored in relation to its ability to predict child Internet monitoring. Utilizing Melvin Kohn's (1977) model of social class and socialization, this study extends Kohn's model as well as provide theoretical groundwork to the area of Internet monitoring. The question of the applicability of Kohn's model to the study of the regulation of Internet access was explored using subsamples from both the Canadian General Social Survey (N = 1142) as well as the American Panel Study of Income Dynamics (N = 1292). Findings showed that Kohn's occupational conditions were not directly predictive of child Internet monitoring behaviors in the parent. Post-hoc analysis examining other variables in the data sets revealed that perhaps an indirect relationship might exist linking occupational conditions and Internet monitoring through a mediating variable of intellectual flexibility. This study concludes with a proposal for a revised model of Kohn's theory that may be better suited to studying Internet monitoring.

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