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Imagery sources and clay sculpture of adolescents Cunningham, David


An experiment was set up in a public secondary school to study the effect of different imagery sources on the claywork of grade eleven and twelve students. A pilot study was conducted with subjects grouped according to the use of three imagery sources: a written description, a photograph and a live model. For the final study subjects were divided into two groups based on two of these imagery sources: the written description and the live model. Each of the thirty-eight subjects was required to produce a human figure of clay using either a written description (one class of 20 students), or a live model (one class of 18 students). The subjects' work was subjected to evaluation by three judges and a statistical analysis. Three dimensions were evaluated; form, position, and differentiation. The Multivariate Analysis of Variance revealed a significant difference between the two study groups, particularly with regard to differentation. A qualitative examination of the subjects' work was also carried out to complement the statistical analysis. This study demonstrated that sculpting tasks based on differing imagery sources probably involve different cognitive processes. Consequently, a variety of such tasks was recommended for inclusion in the secondary art curriculum, as a means of enhancing students' abilities in the domain of clay sculpture.

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