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Stark effect on emission spectra of carbon monoxide Fisher, Nina Jo-Anne


The electronic emission spectra of the CO molecule in an applied electric field of 53.8 kilovolts/cm has been observed. The electric field was determined from the Stark Effect on the H line at 4340Å. The spectra were produced in the high field region of a low pressure glow discharge using carbon monoxide gas and water vapour. The electric dipole moment of the CO molecule has been determined for the BlΣ+ state using the P(l) transition of the Ångstrom ( 0 , 0 ) band. The effect observed is a second order effect in the B1Σ+ state and it has been deduced that the dipole moment of the A1π state is very small or zero. The dipole moment of the B1Σ+ state is 1.61 debye ± 14%.

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