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The spectra of cadmium Giovando, Laurence Frank


In order to facilitate a later determination (which, incidentally, will involve the study of hyperfine structure) of various nuclear properties of Cadmium, a preliminary survey, both experimental and theoretical, has been undertaken of the gross spectral structure of that element. A light source, consisting of an electrodeless discharge in which the excitation of the various spectra could be varied in some degree, was constructed and conditioned. The illumination from this source was then photographed with the aid of a Hilger EI Quartz Spectrograph; exposures were taken of the regions 6800Å - 3300Å, 3300Å - 2500Å, and 2500Å - 2000Å. The positions of the spectral lines appearing on the plates were measured with the aid of a Hilger comparator, and the wavelengths were then calculated by means of the Standard Hartmann dispersion formula. About 150 Cadmium lines which had already been listed by previous workers were identified; 21 other lines - apparently new ones, since to the writer's knowledge they have not as yet been mentioned in the literature - also were found. These latter lines were concentrated in the region 6000Å - 3900Å. Theory reveals that the hyperfine structure of Cadmium II should be of greater value in the above-mentioned determination than that of the arc spectrum. Therefore a study of an isoelectronic sequence Involving Cadmium II was carried out with an eye to increasing the knowledge of this first spark spectrum's term structure. The validity of the various optical doublet laws has been tested for such an exemplary isoelectronic sequence.

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