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Infrared absorption spectra of polyatomic molecules Mitchner, Morton


A successful method of dehumidification was designed and used to maintain the relative humidity in a specially constructed room at less than 40% and at a temperature of 20°C. A wavelength drive and control system were designed and built to improve and simplify the operation of a Perkin-Elmer infrared spectrometer and of the recording accessories. The spectrometer was then calibrated and used to examine the infrared absorption spectrum of gaseous carbon disulphide. The wave numbers of six absorption bands of gaseous CS₂ were determined. The wave number value of 1535 cm.ˉ¹ which was determined for the normal frequency √3, was found to agree with a new recently published result and all previously reported bands were observed. No evidence was found which might possibly lead to any interpretation other than that the structure of the carbon disulphide molecule is linear and symmetrical.

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