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The Raman effect in liquid and gaseous carbon disulfide Nikkel, Ruben Frank


High intensity mercury arc light sources were constructed for the investigation of Raman spectra. Raman tubes for liquids and gases were made and used for the study of the Raman Effect in liquid and gaseous carbon disulfide. The spectrum of liquid CS₂ was obtained using exposure times ranging from three minutes to two hours. The two principal Raman bands and one companion line for each band were observed and measured to an accuracy of within±0.5 cmˉ¹. The values found for the frequency shifts agree, within experimental error, with those of Langseth, Sorensen and Neilsen( 24). The spectrum of gaseous CS₂ was obtained with the gas at three atmospheres pressure and exposure times of twelve to thirty hours. Three previously unreported lines were observed in addition to the band reported by Imanishi(20) at 655 cmˉ¹. Their frequencies are compared below with those observed in the spectrum of liquid CS₂. (Formula omitted)

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