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The construction of a low voltage ion accelerator for the generation of neutrons and the study of the deuteron on deuteron reactions at low bombarding energies Kirkaldy, John Samuel


An ion accelerator has been constructed which, is capable of accelerating very intense monoenergetic beams of protons or deuterons up to 50 KEV energy. Total ion currents of 500 µ amps containing 30 to 40% atomic ions have been obtained. The intensity and high definition of the beam makes it possible to collimate after magnetic analysis, 50 µ amps of protons or deuterons at 30 KEV energy into a 1/16 inch diameter spot on a target. This deuteron beam incident on a heavy ice target is capable of producing a neutron flux of 3 x 10⁸ neutrons/sec from the "D on D" reaction at 50 KEV bombarding energy or the equivalent of the neutrons from 20 curies of radium used in a Ra-Be source. The intrinsic interest of the D-D reactions to nuclear physics had prompted the construction of a scattering chamber to be used in conjunction with the accelerator. An experimental arrangement has been designed and constructed for the measurement of the energy dependent characteristics of the companion reactions, D(d,n)He³ and D(d,p)H³, which has a potential accuracy considerably greater than previously reported. As well, the extension of studies to much lower energies has been made possible by the large ion currents available.

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