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Nuclear quadrupole resonance in kernite Haering, Rudolph Roland


The pure quadrupole resonance frequencies due to B¹¹ nuclei at two different sites (denoted by E and F) in a single crystal of kernite (Na₂B₄O₇.4H₂O) have been determined both by observing the B¹¹ lines in zero external magnetic field, and also by investigating their Zeeman splitting in magnetic fields up to 30 gauss. The values obtained are 1281.1 ± 2 Kc/sec and 1287.0 ± 1 Kc/sec for the E and F sites respectively. These frequencies agree within experimental error with values predicted on the basis of studies in a high magnetic field. The agreement for the F site is much better than for the E site. Some other interaction, such as asymmetric nuclear shielding, may account for the discrepancy. Resonances also have been obtained in zero field with a polycrystalline sample. Indications of B¹⁰ resonances were observed at the frequencies expected assuming Dehmelt's value for the ratio of the quadrupole coupling constants for B¹¹ and B¹⁰. A Na²³ resonance line was observed at 1560 ± 1 Kc/sec in agreement with Proctor's result for this line. The other Na²³ resonance expected from high field work has not been observed to date.

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