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Spectroscopic determination of the nuclear moments of bismuth Shipley, George


The nuclear magnetic moment μ, and the nuclear electrostatic quadrupole moment Q, were determined from the optical hyperfine structures of Bi. The magnetic moment was calculated for 8 configurations and 14 levels. The quadrupole moment was calculated for 4 configurations and 6 levels. The values of μ that were obtained from one-electron spectra showed good agreement with more precise resonance measurements. The agreement for Q was not quite so good. Good measurements were made for the 5d⁹ 6p configuration, but there is no readily available theory from which to calculate Q for this configuration. The light source used in this investigation was a "condensed" electrodeless discharge, and the spectrograms were taken on a 9.1 metre concave grating spectrograph. Q was found to be -.5(1) barns. Using values of μ that employed information from one-electron spectra, μ was found to be 4.1(1) nuclear magnetons.

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