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Proton resonance in kernite Hedgecock, Nigel Edward


The proton resonance line in a single crystal of Na₂B₄O₇•4H₂O (kernite) placed in a magnetic field of 6300 gauss, was examined experimentally as the monoclinlc crystal was rotated about its twofold symmetry axis (cryetallographic b-axis) maintained perpendicular to the magnetic field. The observed variation with crystal position of the proton line shape was found to be consistent with that expected as a result of nuclear magnetic dipole-dipole interaction between protons in the molecules of water of crystallization. No evidence was found for any additional splitting of the proton line which might be correlated with the previously observed splitting of some of the components of the spectrum of B¹¹ in kernite. The expected spectrum of B¹⁰ in kernite was calculated theoretically for a Larmor frequency of 4Mc./sec., corresponding to an external magnetic field of 8741 gauss, and an unsuccessful experimental search for it was made.

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