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A low field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer Jones, Edward Peter


An apparatus was constructed to measure T₁, the "spin-lattice relaxation time" and T₂, the "spin-spin relaxation time" in liquids at low fields using the "spin-echo" technique. An outline of some basic ideas in nuclear magnetic resonance discussing the meaning of T₁ and T₂ is presented. This includes a comparison of steady state and pulsed techniques. The theoretical aspects, qualitative and quantitative of this low field spin-echo experiment is dealt with, showing explicitly how T₁ and T₂ are measured. The apparatus used in this experiment is described, giving details of construction and operation. The experimental results obtained include measurements of T₁ and T₂ in a water sample at a field of one gauss. T₁ was also measured at a field of 7,000 gauss and was found to be the same as at one gauss.

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