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A nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometer Fulton, Beverley Joan


In conjunction with low temperature experiments on nuclear alignment and nuclear specific heat, a spectrometer has been developed in order to investigate the hyperfine structure of compounds with suitably large quadrupole coupling by the technique of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance. The auxiliary equipment which was built in addition to an externally quenched superregenerative oscillator provided for frequency modulation and oscilloscopic display as well as Zeeman modulation and chart recorder display. The superregenerative oscillator has a frequency range of 150 - 600 Mc./sec., which is the range required for investigation of the compounds concerned; the spectrometer has reproduced satisfactorily test signals over the range 164.5 to 332.4 Mc./sec. The test signals were obtained from the known quadrupole resonances of I¹²⁷ and Br⁷⁹ in Snl₄, I₂, SbBr₃ and Ba(BrO₃)₂. Using the spectrometer, a search was made for resonances in a number of substances which were of interest for the nuclear alignment programme, and in which no resonances had yet been reported. In particular, we were able to make a careful investigation of the magnesium salt of para-iodo benzene sulphonate since we knew from theoretical investigations the approximate frequency at which the I¹²⁷ resonance occurs. A possible explanation is given for the failure to detect any such resonance.

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