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Spark spectra of lead Lyall, Kenneth Russell


The atomic and ionic spectra of lead have been photographed in the region between 350 A and 7680 A, using a three meter normal incidence vacuum grating spectrograph, and a Hilger large quartz-glass prism spectrograph. Spectroscopic sources used throughout this region were the electrodeless discharge, and the condensed spark in helium. Approximately 4075 lead lines were measured, and of these, 1006 have been classified in the spectra of Pb I, Pb II, Pb III, and Pb IV. The Pb IV analysis has been extended: relative energies have been assigned to eight even and two odd levels arising from the 5d¹ºns, np, nd and ng configurations, and tentative values given to several levels from the 6s7s and 6s6d configurations of the 5d⁹ core. The core-polarization theory has been applied to the observed 5g - nh transitions of Pb IV, giving a value for the ionization potential of 341438 cm⁻¹.

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