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Transport phenomena in liquid helium. Jones, James Donald


This thesis describes an investigation of flow phenomena of liquid helium II associated with temperature and pressure gradients. The experiments were done primarily in the range of heat flow critical with respect to mutual friction and with respect to turbulence in the normal fluid. The results are analysed on a phenomenological basis due to Gorter and Mellink,(12) and are interpreted by making use of the model put forward by Hall and Vinen. (14) This model assumes that the superfluid can develop vortex lines which interact with the thermal excitations of the normal fluid. A conclusion is reached, that a considerable amount of energy is stored in non-thermal motion in this vorticity. Friction in the normal fluid is reviewed in the light of the work of Staas, et al. (8) An experiment to measure the attenuation of secound sound at very low frequencies is described. A few suggestions for further investigation are tendered.

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