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An intermediate image nuclear spectrometer Walton, Thomas George


An intermediate image beta ray spectrometer has been constructed using the two magnets from two thin lens spectrometers, previously in use in this laboratory. A surface barrier type detector replaces the scintillator -photomultiplier arrangement used before, resulting in greatly reduced background noise. The performance of this spectrometer is considerably better than the two it replaces, having resolutions of 0.51 %, 0.7 %, 0.94 % and 2.2 % at transmissions of 0.49 %, 0.96 %, 1.26 % and 5.96 %. The normal energy range is from 25 Kev, to 1.5 Mev but it can be extended to 2.0 Mev with some loss of transmission. An examination of the beta spectrum of Eu¹⁵⁴ was carried out with this instrument. A Kurie plot of the continuum has been made and six primary beta groups found with end point energies of 1.866 Mev, 1.198 Mev , 0.976 Mev , 0.843 Mev , 0.579 Mev , and 0.274 Mev with relative abundances of 10.8 %. 0.67 %, 4.6 %, 17.0 %, 37.8 %, and 29.1 %. Both end-points and relative intensities are in excellent agreement with data from other workers.

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