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Prime mover : governor test model for large power sytems Siddal, Robert Gordon


This thesis is concerned with the design, construction and testing of a prime mover - governor model capable of simulating those components of a large power system. This unit is to be used as part of a new power system test model. The model has been designed to simulate a prime mover - governor by controlling a laboratory-size dc motor through the field of a booster with allowance being made for setting up the governor transfer functions, thus obtaining the desired torque and speed responses. Since most methods of power system analysis neglect certain system characteristics and since tests on actual systems could be destructive, it seems desirable to develop a complete power system test model capable of representing a real power system fairly accurately. When the system model is completed, it is hoped that extensive transient stability tests can be carried out and real system control techniques developed. Chapter 2 of this thesis outlines the design of the prime mover - governor model; Chapter 3 describes the realization of the system; and Chapter 5 gives the model tests and results. The test methods and results of machine parameter measurements are included in Chapter 4.

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