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A silicon-diode-bridge parametric amplifier for low frequencies Sang, Marie Emmanuel Fok Ning Yow


The varactor properties of silicon—diode rectifiers in the low-frequency region are investigated. A theoretical analysis of a two-diode bridge is made, and the results experimentally verified using a matched pair of these diodes and a pump frequency of 455 Kc. The theoretical transducer power gain is found to be a function of ( formula omitted). For the amplifier built, a transducer power gain of 12.6 db has been achieved with a bandwidth from 0 to 8 Kc. With the diodes placed in a thermostatically controlled oven, the d-c drift is ±30 µvper hour. The noise figure of the parametric amplifier bridge is about 3 db. A study of possible sources of noise is made.

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