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Dissipation factor measurements of transformer oil Smith, Frank Edward


The present methods of ascertaining the probable sludging of transformer oils are laborious. A simple test, comparable to that used in obtaining the dielectric strength, would be of considerable value in reducing test manpower, equipment and expense. Present investigators measure such properties as oxygen absorption, colour change, increase in acidity, carbon dioxide evolved, water formed, the power factor, and the lnterfacial-tension value. Numerous dielectric materials exhibit anomalous dispersions. The attendant rise in dissipation factor encountered at the points of dispersion is helpful in determining the amounts and types of polarization present. Transformer oils, although initially non-polar, are subject to oxidation. This oxidation produces materials of polar molecular structure which govern the power loss in alternating current electric fields. The problem is one of correlating such losses to the state of the oil under test. This thesis deals with the investigations carried out on the above problem. Absorption bands for transformer oils have been found. The present work describes the presence and location of such absorption bands, and illustrates how the dipolar state of the oil affects the position of the loss peaks.

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