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Iterative inverse kinematics with manipulator configuration control and proof of convergence Grudić, Gregory Z.


A complete solution to the inverse kinematics problem for a large class of practical manipulators, which includes manipulators with no closed form inverse kinematics equations, is presented in this thesis. A complete solution to the inverse kinematics problem of a manipulator is defined as a method for obtaining the required joint variable values to establish the desired endpoint position, endpoint orientation, and manipulator configuration; the only requirement being that the desired solution exists. For all manipulator geometries that satisfy a set of conditions (THEOREM I), an algorithm is presented that is theoretically guaranteed to always converge to the desired solution (if it exists). The algorithm is extensively tested on two complex 6 degree of freedom manipulators which have no known closed form inverse kinematics equations. It is shown that the algorithm can be used in real time manipulator control. Applications of the method to other 6 DOF manipulator geometries and to redundant manipulators are discussed.

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