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A method of function generation for simulation computers using combined analogue and digital techniques Nordstrand, Ronald Bert


This thesis deals with the design of a simple time-sharing arbitrary-function generator to be used in a proposed real-time simulation computer. The generator automatically sums a predetermined difference table describing the function and thus generates the function at equal intervals of the independent variable. First, second and third differences are available for interpolation. The generator uses a decimal code which is further reduced to individual digits. Separate handling of the individual digits and a quantizing operation permit the function generator to be easily realized by simple circuitry. The quantized information appears as a pulse-duration - modulated wave which can be easily stored on a magnetic drum and can be readily transferred by digital circuitry. A single-digit addition-subtraction unit has been designed and built using a simple circuitry and readily available components and thus confirms the ease with which the complete generator may be built.

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