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A dynamic test model for power system stability and control studies Dawson, Graham Elliott


A new model for power system transient stability tests has been developed. It includes a dc motor simulated prime mover with a governor control synthesized by dc booster generator field control, a solid state voltage regulator and exciter, a synchronous machine with a large field time constant realized by negative resistance in the field circuit, a transmission system with time setting SCR controlled fault and clear sequence switchings, an accurate torque angle deviation transducer (Chapter 2), and analogs to realize conventional stabilization and nonlinear optimal control (Chapter 5). Three state variable mathematical models of the test model with various degrees of detail are derived in Chapter 3. Comparisons of results of digital computation and real model tests of a typical power system disturbed by a short circuit are given also in Chapter 3. A parameter sensitivity study is carried out in Chapter 4. Comparisons of digital computation of transient stability with a nonlinear optimal control derived in this thesis and power and speed stabilization derived by another colleague of the power group at U.B.C., with the transient stability tests on the test model are given in Chapter 5.

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