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How far would you go for one Canada? Courtemanche, Joseph Andre


This paper covers two related sections. The first deals with foreign investments in Canada and analyses the cost and benefits of such investments. The conclusion of this section states, that even if the cost might be hidden, the benefits are great and Canada should not refuse foreign investments merely for nationalistic pride but should welcome them and establish laws to make certain that these investments (mainly Americans) will produce benefits for Canadians in general. The second section covers foreign Investments in Quebec, and the development of Quebec since 1963 to 1969 (the period called the " quiet revolution"). It also analyses the labor situation, the labor unions attitude toward establishing a plan for the economy in order that Quebecois might regain control of their economy and create new jobs for the young generation, I then discuss the possibility of integrating the planning of the economy of Quebec in one overall Canadian economy. I suggest that Canada should be flexible in establishing a plan for the Canadian economy since not all regions have the same aspirations. I conclude by saying that Quebec might stay in the Canadian Confederation if this planning if flexible and if French can become effectively the working language in Quebec, if this cannot be achieved in very short period of time, separation is inevitable. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Professor Bernard Schwab, Faculty of Commerce, University of British Columbia, for having accepted the direction of my thesis work. I also would like to thank my two friends, Robert McDonald; and William Young, for their patient correcting of my composition and grammatical errors. Futhermore my appreciation extends to Professor Claude Pichette, Head of the Economic Department, Universite de Sherbrooke, for his fruitful suggestions and to the Parti Quebecois for allowing me to use their economic library. Any mistakes appearing in this paper are mine, and mine alone,

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