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Marketing information systems : an analytical framework Chan, King Fook


This study is concerned with the management of marketing information flows. The problem of information management has been precipitated by such factors as improvements in information-handling technology and hardware, the 'information explosion' from sources within the economic, social and political sectors, the increasing complexity of business systems, the emergence of the 'marketing planning' concept, and the shortcomings of traditional marketing research. This problem was then viewed from a systems perspective. A conceptual framework for managing information flows was developed from a systems analysis of the marketing process. The use of a module framework led to the consideration of a formalized information system within the company's organizational structure. Theoretically, a marketing information system would collect, process, analyse and disseminate timely and pertinent information. This theoretical framework was supplemented by a case study of a company actively engaged in the application of information system services to marketing management. The conclusions, albeit limited to this one case study, attempted to highlight what are suggested as significant pointers for marketing information system development. Generally, the conclusions show that while the practice tended to support the theory in broad principles, the actual operating principles of an information system would reflect the peculiar needs, advantages and constraints of the company.

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