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Deprivation and pretest effects on operant level bar pressing Mitchell, Larry W.


The present study attempted to investigate the effects of food-deprivation and pretest experience on operant level bar pressing. In addition, these effects were assessed over an extended number of sessions. Thirty male albino rats were assigned to two major conditions; one which received pretest experience in the experimental chambers for 15 sessions and one which did not. Ss in the major conditions were then factorially assigned to three feeding schedules; one an ad lib. or no deprivation schedule, one a 15 gm. or mildly deprived schedule, and one a 5 gm. or severely deprived schedule. All Ss were then placed in the experimental chambers for 15 sessions. The results indicated that Ss which had no pretest experience exhibited decreased responding as a function of deprivation, while following pretest experience deprivation Ss’ operant level. In addition, operant level fluctuated widely over sessions. It was concluded that the present results integrated the findings of other investigators working on operant level.

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