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A Case for Zambian entry into the East African Common Market Spring, David Mayer


This thesis covers the subject of economic integration in the East African setting. Following a review of custom union theory literature, a closer examination is made of the historical and economic background of the East African Common Market. A case is then made for Zambian entry into the Common Market with particular emphasis put on the effect it would have on the growth of G.D.P. (impact effect) and the development of industry. An empirical examination of the impact effect indicates that Tanzania will be the largest net gainer. A model is also presented that shows the effect of integration on the time horizon of industrial growth. Finally, the thesis concludes that there are net gains that can be enjoyed by all parties if integration is implemented in a rational manner and industrial planning is executed by an inter-country industrial planning board that would allocate industry among the member countries based on sound economic criteria.

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