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Effect of captan on pollen germination and fruit set in strawberry Chen, Liang-ing


Using strawberry as a test plant, captan has been shown to inhibit pollen germination when included in or sprayed on the germination medium, or when sprayed on anthers after pollen dehiscence. Toxic effects did not disappear during prolonged germination. However, pollen germination was slightly affected by captan sprayed on the undehisced anthers. When open flowers were sprayed before anther dehiscence, berry set was reduced in the variety Siletz but not in the variety Northwest. When sprayed after anther dehiscence, achene set, and berry development were decreased. The proportion of mishappen fruits increased with captan concentration. Pollination from sprayed anthers was not as effective in fruit setting as control pollination of sprayed pistils. Sprays applied to pistils either just before or just after pollination decreased fruit set. Fruit set was not affected by sprays one day after pollination. Captan therefore seemed to act directly upon pollen germination and not upon the receptivity of the stigma or upon pollen tube growth in the style or upon fertilization.

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