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Development of a measure for open-ended questions Wilson, Paricia Ann


As a first focus of this study, a theoretical framework was formulated in which orientations were conceptualized as ideal points on a time dimension to be utilized in predicting second generational behavior. As a second focus, a measurement of orientations was developed to provide not only means for testing the theoretical-ideas but also for developing new techniques for secondary analysis of questionnaire data. The measurement instrument, however, resulted in large experimental error. Questionnaire data were collected from a Vancouver urban school population and a sample of parents from that population. Alternatives generated by open-ended questions and coded according to a set of rules representing the time dimension were utilized in measuring parental orientations. Statistical tests on the coding of responses as well as on factors of language, sex and education showed coding and language were critical to responses generating indicators of present orientations but that sex and education were not. Testing by linear regression the behavior of the second generation against indicators of orientations of the first generation, as measured by this study, proved there is no predictive relationship between the two. An evaluation of the study was used to indicate possible directions for further investigation along both theoretical and measurement lines.

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