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Total management information system concept Allsopp, Harold Robert


The objective of this thesis is to develop and define the concept of a total management information system. The term "total system" has been grossly misrepresented since its coinage, however, the misuse can be attributed to ignorance of its full meaning. The misuse is also attributed to narrow thinking on behalf of the user for its application has mainly been directed to a specific circumstance. The study defines the term "total management information system" and it also outlines the attributes which make up the total system. As in all situations where an ideal is created, there is resistence to reaching the ideal - these barriers are enumerated and commented upon. To test the validity of the concept, it is applied to an existing company's informational system by the methodology of a systems analysis. Conclusions are reached on the soundness of the concept and on the status of the case company toward its claim of holding the totality status. Primary research was conducted on the theory of a total system; secondary research was conducted into the existing systems of the case company. Throughout the study, observations were made concerning the problems associated with the topic and an evaluation is made on the status of the evolution of the total information system.

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