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Housing co-operatives in British Columbia Constantinu , Marianthi


Housing co-operatives consist basically of people joining together as a corporation to provide housing through group action for themselves. The corporation owns the housing project and each member owns stocks in the corporation which entitles him to live in a unit and share management of the project together with the other members. Housing co-operatives, when supported by adequate education, comprehensive organization and governmental assistance, can provide housing at lower costs than those of equivalent housing in the private market. They are a widely-developed sector of housing in Latin American and European countries. They also exist in the United States Housing, Cooperative |z British Columbiaand various provinces of Canada. Their manifestation in British Columbia is very limited and this constitutes the main concern of this thesis. Such concern focuses on the hypothesis that the formation of housing co-operatives in this province has been retarded by the lack of specific provincial or municipal policies regarding such co-operatives. This hypothesis is supported by various cases, in foreign countries and some Canadian provinces, where legislation for such type of housing caused definite and unprecedented activity in the field. It is thus the conclusion of this thesis that the field of housing co-operatives in British Columbia would develop if specific governmental legislation for such co-operatives were adopted and combined with improvements in education and organization in the field.

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