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Floret development and embryology of Oryzopsis hendersoni (Gramineae) Mehlenbacher, Lyle Eugene


Previous research has shown, that Orysopsis hendersoni shares two features with Stipa and one with Oryzopsiso. A study of floret development and embryology was undertaken in order to obtain more points for comparison. Most of the twenty-six features of O. hendersoni resulting from this study are characteristic of Stipa and not Oryzopsisa. Therefore, it is proposed that O. hendersoni be transferred to Stipa. Evidence from this and other studies demonstrates that grass locidules can be foliar, stamen-like, or intermediate and that the gynoecium is unicarpellate. These facts are contradicted by claims of homology based on hypothetical phylogenies. Because use of the concept of homology has led to general acceptance of misleading assumptions in these and other instances and because the concept of homology is ambiguous and superfluous, it should not be used.

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