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Camping on Vancouver Island : assessing demand and supply for planning of new facilities Bigo, Andre George


This study has the objective of assessing the present outdoor recreation demand in a given area to justify for a local developer, private or public, the establishment of a new outdoor recreation unit. It is hypothesized that the demand exceeds the supply, making the establishment financially feasible. The case study has been limited to camping as an outdoor recreation activity for which reasonable amount of data is available. Only the present demand will be assessed and no projection will be attempted. The reason for this is that a local developer bases his action on present trends and eventually on rough short term projections which would be easy to derive from the results of this study. It is also a personal choice to study a part of the problem in depth rather than surveying a much larger piece of work including assessement of the present demand and its projection into the future. Although the term 'local' appears in the objective of the study, this does not mean that the new recreation unit will not attract a distant population. Therefore the demand is the “world demand” and in the particular case means the demand generated by a North American population. The supply of campgrounds does not have to be examined on such a scale since only the existing campgrounds competing with the new campground will be considered. In the case study, the new campground is located in the vicinity of Ladysmith at Cassidy, on Vancouver Island, and the competing supply, according to the methodology adopted, will be half of the existing campgrounds of Vancouver Island.

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