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The plane mixing region between parallel streams Pui, Nam Kiong


An experimental study of a mixing layer between two uniform parallel streams is undertaken for three velocity ratios: 0.81, 0.75 and 0.65. It is found that the mixing layer grows linearly with streamwise distance in each case, as anticipated. Except in the very intermittent region, the mean velocity profiles agree with Görtler's theoretical prediction based on the assumption that the eddy viscosity is constant across the flow. The measurement of turbulent intensities and shear stress provide evidence that the flow becomes self preserving. The non-dimensional longitudinal intensity is symmetrical about the average velocity point, and is independent of the velocity ratio; although other non-dimensional Reynolds stress distributions are roughly independent of velocity ratio, they are not symmetrical. The shear stress calculated from the two dimensional mean equation of motion agrees well with measured values.

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