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Location of clicks in short temporal intervals Cameron, Norman David


Two experiments examined the ability of subjects to locate clicks occupying various positions in unstructured 2, 4, and 6 sec. intervals of time. In Experiment I, it was found that the effects on the subjective location of the click of the experimental factors of interval filling, interval duration, click position, and daily testing sessions, were to modify underlying response tendencies. The apparent response tendencies were a central tendency and a right bias. Experiment II investigated the hypothesis that the right bias resulted from the subjective association of differential amounts of mental content with the durations preceding and following the click. The results did not support the hypothesis but did suggest that the right bias resulted from the misperception of the location of the click by a constant amount of time regardless of the objective position of the click within the interval. An alternate hypothesis based upon the perception of the click as having an appreciable duration was proposed to account for the right bias.

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