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The role of the national film board in the development of adult education programs in the province of British Columbia : 1942 to 1970 McGechaen, Alexander


This study presents an historical survey of the activities of the National Film Board in British Columbia. The programs of the Board are organized into a number of different categories according to the purpose of each program, its structure, the educational techniques used, and the type of audience to which each was directed. The programs fall into six major categories: General Interest, Enrichment, Instructional, Package Program Kits, Leadership Training and Community Development. The study describes four different methods of film distribution used at various times in British Columbia in the period 194 2 to 1970. These were: Film Circuits, Public and Deposit Libraries, and Direct Distribution to the public from National Film Board offices. Each method reflected the Board's interest in making the maximum number of films available to people. In the early years, when the Board lacked the resources to handle distribution on its own, it relied on various agencies within the community such as Film Councils; however, as the Board grew it assumed more control over distribution until it reached the point where it handled most of its own film distribution. The work of the local Representative is examined in order to trace the evolution of his role as an adult educator. The study shows that during the past 28 years the role of the Representative has undergone three stages of development: (1) From 1943 to 1947 he was an exhibitor who travelled to various communities screening NFB films. (2) In 1948 his role changed and he became more concerned with organizing various kinds of adult education programs. (3) Recently, his role has begun to change again and he is now more of a Community Development worker, assisting various special interest groups to develop programs for change within a community. Throughout this study an attempt has been made to determine the importance of the National Film Board to adult education in British Columbia.

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