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Complexing behaviour of bishydroxycoumarin with macromolecules Cho, Moo Jung


The strong binding of bishydroxycoumarin to serum albumin was first reported about 20 years ago. However, the mechanism of binding has not been studied. In this investigation, attempts have been made to reveal the mechanism. The work was extended to some other synthetic macromolecules including polyvinylpyrrolidone. The literature survey covers the physicochemical properties and the complexing behaviours in aqueous solution of the individual substances examined. The theory of multiple equilibria, which is fundamental to an understanding of the binding process, has been summarized. Spectrophotometric, solubility, dynamic and equilibrium dialyses, and viscometric methods were used and their theoretical back-ground has been reviewed and discussed. Some physicochemical properties of BHC, necessary for the interpretation of binding data, were estimated. Maximum binding capacities of macromolecules and association constant of each binding site were obtained from the binding data. The nature of the site and intermolecular forces were characterized from thermodynamic analysis. This abstract represents the true contents of the thesis submitted.

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