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An examination of selected aspects of julius nyerere's political thought Hawkesworth, Nigel Ross


The political thought of President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania is examined in three main contexts: the individual and society, leadership, and economic and rural development. His published writings and speeches are the main sources of information, while relevant Tanzania Government publications are also consulted. It is seen that much of Nyerere's socio-political thought rests on values and behaviour patterns inherent in African traditional society. Leadership regulations have been devised to check elitist attitudes and behaviour. Collective efforts at rural development are considered to be the only realistic way to induce socioeconomic development throughout the whole country. It is found that Nyerere has developed a consistent and comprehensive body of ideas which deal with numerous aspects of the development of his nation. His thought is used as an emotive ideology in order to mobilize the people of Tanzania to develop their country both socially and economically through co-operative living and work habits. Various problems in regard to the implementation of Nyerere's ideas are considered; the most notable being his reluctance to take strong coercive measures to ensure that his fellow politicians remain true to the spirit of the Tanzanian ideology.

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