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Appraisal of Dr. Broom's top management game Gibberd, John Davidson


The objective of the thesis is to examine Dr. Broom's Top Management Game. The examination covers the realism of model input output relationships, the cost of an application, the design structure utilized and the adequacy of the model presentation. Before the analysis is undertaken two analytical tools are developed. The first of these is a management game typology which provides a standardized, method for describing gaming models. The second tool is a two dimensional matrix which may be employed for design or analytical purposes. The rows of the matrix represent input for the current period and the columns output for the current period. In order to determine the feasibility of converting The Broom Game, to modular design, the structure of a modular game is outline. Dr. Broom's Game, is an educational model which employs the computer to calculate the results for a period. Though the model is supposedly total enterprise the personnel function is absent. The marketing function of the model performs in a highly unrealistic manner. Also the production function is inadequate in that no attempt is made to break production into its component parts. The cost of an application is approximately two dollars. In the authors opinion it is not feasible to convert the model to modular design. Finally the administrators' presentation was found to be inadequate.

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