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Linear optical stabilization and representation of multi-machine power systems Moussa, Hamdy Aly Mohammed


Linear optimal regulators have been designed for power system stabilization by introducing control signals to voltage regulators and/or governors. A new technique is developed in this thesis to determine the state weighting matrix Q of the regulator performance function with a dominant eigenvalue shift of the closed loop optimal system. The technique is used to investigate the stabilization of a typical one-machine infinite system and a multi-machine system with different stabilization schemes. The objective is to find the best way to stabilize a power system. An optimally sensitive controller is also developed to offset the effects of the changing system operating conditions on the effort of the stabilizing signal. The controller automatically adjusts its gains so that it always provides the system with the optimum stabilizing signal. A new multi-machine state variable formulation, necessary for these studies, is developed. It requires minimum computations and retains all the parameter information for sensitivity studies. An exact representation of synchronous machines is investigated and test methods are suggested for the determination of exact circuit parameters.

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