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Responses to fertilizer nitrogen of rangelands at various elevations in the southern interior of British Columbia Hall, Kenneth M.


Nitrogen fertilization of grassland and forest range in British Columbia is examined as a practical means of increasing productivity. Trials were undertaken at several altitudes and responses were studied in fenced and unfenced plots over a period of two years. Four clipping times, three rates of ammonium nitrate application and two times of application were the major treatments at most sites. Information on climate and soil was also obtained and clipped forage was analyzed for nitrogen. Increases in dry matter yield and combined nitrogen levels obtained on all sites despite the marked mid-season limitation of soil moisture; responses to autumn fertilization were evident in early growth in the spring following application; responses to spring application were delayed. Response to fertilizer has continued to be marked in the second year after application. Understory vegetation of the forest range responded to fertilization at first but by the second year, it appears, overstory vegetation (trees) was responding to the detriment of understory yield.

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