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Observations on the fine structure of the hemiascomycete Cephaloascus fragrans Hanawa, with emphasis on cell walls, septa, and ascospores Higham, Michael Thomas


The presence of multiperforate septa in vegetative hyphae of Cephaloascus fragrans is demonstrated by thin-sectioning. The number of micropores per septum is much greater than that reported in other multiperforately septate fungi. Brown encrustations of the ascophores, previously observed by light-microscopy, are resolved as granular depositions between the ascophore wall and an outer investing membrane. Similar depositions are observed between the ascal walls and their investing membranes. The morphology of these blister-like depositions is studied by thin-sectioning, freeze-etching and scanning electron microscopy. Several stages of ascosporogenesis are observed which may indicate a process differing from that shown in other Ascomycetes. The observed structure of ascospores is in agreement with that of other cuculate ascospores studied by electron microscopy.

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