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Geometry of a gesture Porkolab, Gyorgy Arpad


Nothing new will be said here. What is important is that I am saying it. Everything we know we know through our senses, hence the nature of knowledge is sensual. When I think I think with my entire body, there is no dichotomy between 'body' and 'mind'. My writing, as all art, is an affirmation of this integrity of consciousness. I perform no castrations under the pretext of 'objectivity' or 'academics'. I recognize no border between external reality and internal reality, it is all reality, such a border would be artificial and an absurd misrepresentation. We are transmitters and receivers, or transceivers. A thought is a microscopic biochemical reaction in the brain. When we transmit, that is, write or speak or gesture, our bodies act as step-up transformers raising the energy level of the original chemistry enormously to an output that creates the right disturbance and turbulance in the environment to be apprehended by a receiver, that is, someone listening or watching, who then acts as a step-down transformer by absorbing these amplified energy waves and reducing them to a biochemical reaction in the brain. If the transmitter has coded properly, that is, used language potently, then a xerox biochemical reaction should be caused in the receiver and hence communication takes place. This is the process of writing and all art. Their concern is the metamorphosis of energy. With language anything is possible. Its power lies in the phenomenon that by merely verbalizing a thought, whether it is an abstraction or a blueprint for action, irrelevant of its truth or lie, the mere utterance is enough to crystallize an existing concrete reality. If man is a disease, then I am concerned with the diagnosis of the disease. I know there is no cure. The laboratory is life, the experiment is myself. I write out of love and hate. In what I have said and what I will say what is important is what I have not said.

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