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Effect of lecithin on the reconstitutability of whole milk powder. Toma, Sadiq Jawad


In the last few decades, considerable emphasis has been placed on the problem of manufacturing very readily soluble whole milk powder. A satisfactory instant whole milk powder is difficult to produce largely because of the presence of fat in the system. In the present study, certain substances were added to the whole milk powder to help the dispersion of its constituents. Attempt has been made to investigate the effect of lecithin from different sources on the instantization of whole milk powder and to find out whether this effect is due to a chemical interaction between the casein and lecithin or due to a change in the physical properties of the powder. It was found that the powder particles agglomerated partially and as a result, the reconstitutability in cold water, 4°C, was improved, remarkably. Different degrees of improvement in the sinkability were observed when the powder was treated with 2% lecithin from different sources. There was no evidence for casein lecithin interaction but the results show that alteration in the interfacial tension of butter oil and the surface tension of water by lecithins would play an important role in the sink-ability improvement of the powder.

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