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A simulation analysis of the passenger check-in system Arnett, John Douglas


The objective of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive management tool that will aid in policy formulation and evaluation of Air Canada's Passenger Check-in System. The tool is a computer simulation model that was verified to ensure that representative information could be derived from the model concerning the state of the real system. The model can be used to determine the effects of a given policy or passenger arrival composition on the three performance objectives of the system; namely, the utilization of the baggage and ticket facilities, a minimum passenger waiting time in the system, and the checking-in of passengers in accordance with procedural policy. The simulation model describes the state of the system and subsequent assessment of the effect of a policy on the objectives with their statistics: 1. the average utilization of the facilities, 2. the percentage of passengers exceeding two and a half minutes in any one queue, 3. the average transit time per passenger (summation of delay times in the system). An analysis utilizing the simulation model was undertaken in three areas of policy management. They are: To determine the implications of the behaviour of the Passenger Check-in System on policy formulation. 2. To determine the facility policy that should be implemented in order to achieve the present service policy as well as the maximum capacity of the system. 3. To formulate alternative operating policies and test for viability prior to implementation of the policy. The results of the analysis were as follows: 1. The service policy that a minimum of 15% of the Revenue passengers be allowed to exceed 2.5 minutes of waiting time has been formulated correctly. 2. The nature of the system is such that greater utilization of facilities will not be achieved by a nominal increase in the allowable percentage of passengers exceeding 2.5 minutes. 3. The facility policy and associated methodology has been formulated so that the objectives of the system will be attained. A. The maximum capacity of the system occurs when the arrival rate is in excess of 200 passengers per 15 minute period. 5. The use of a single queue at the Revenue ticket counter will ensure greater attainment of the system objectives than the use of multiple queues. 6. The combining of the baggage and ticket operations at one counter is a viable alternative in the present system.

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