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The visual landscape and resource inventories Howie, Francis Gordon


Appreciation of the landscape has occurred throughout human history. Only in recent times, however, has the majority of the population, and then only in the richer "developed" countries, had the leisure time to enjoy it. Formerly the landscape was merely the hack-drop to toil except for the few individuals granted, through circumstances, time they could spend "unproductively." By contrast, today we have a situation where landscape has become the land's newest resource, eagerly sought out and argued for by increasing numbers of people. This thesis is an analysis of landscape as a resource. Recognising the comparative new-ness of the field and the consequent proliferation of exploratory studies on its many aspects, the present work does not pretend to extend the field into higher realms of learning: it is an attempt to review and correlate the more relevant areas of significance. Among them are the development of attitudes towards the landscape, the basic visual elements of the landscape and how they are perceived and subsequently modified by preconceptions, and the present-day situation where attempts are being made to accurately describe and quantify the landscape resource and evolve a discipline of visual resource management.

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