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Japan's behavior in foreign resource investments in the post second world war period Oyama, Ikuo


This thesis seeks to explore Japanese foreign investment criteria in resource industries, in order to determine what factors may influence the Japanese investment behavior in upstream investments. Japan's behavior for obtaining resources is becoming increasingly important in the world resource market because it requires substantial amounts of raw materials. Five criteria were hypothesized to analyze Japanese investment behavior in resource industries in the post-Second World War period. These criteria may only be applicable to Japanese resource industries. Japanese foreign investments were under tight government control until the end of the 1960's, and very few sizable resource investments were undertaken. Although resource investments have been Increasing over the past few years, Japan's resource investments and investment policies are still in transition. Based on the country's own criteria and past behavior, an attempt was made to determine Japan's future behavior under the expected resources demand-supply conditions, expected economic conditions and political changes in the world.

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